Tuesday, 26 June 2012

angry samoans - back from samoa lp los angeles 1982

another super fast record here. it must last about 15 mins tops. 15 minutes of fucking fame, let me say. sing-a-long as a whistle early 80s L.A style punk. done perfectly in the way only they can. its like a pop, rock and or roll driven hardcore can of worms. the jiggley guitar. obnoxious attitude, vocals, lyrics and singer. snotty punk done by science geeks that would probably have had the shite slapped out them if they went to any punk gig where you or i come from...funny isnt it how american punks from the early 80s, especially in california, looked like complete fannies. this band isnt so bad in that department, but look at some early t.s.o.l or bad religion records, and suburbia....my lord..!!! its the kinda place you wish you were born in just so you could take money off ridiculous looking skinheads with make up on and failed ''football'' players that are trying out transvestiteism (word?) to fill out their late teen years. and these are the people that think there is no slums in europe especially britain and that we all look and sound middle class. wow, i say. wow..!!.........anyways.....this lps magic from beginning to end. some pure belters on here...'gas chamber', 'the todd killings', 'coffin case', 'lights out', 'steak knife' and 'homo-sexual'. the latter getting them into a lot of trouble with the right (wing?) on brigade. deliberately? id guess so. sounds like a personnal gripe to me, with himself? i cant answer that, but id again guess so. anyway its Pogo-tastic with a capital P.!! they released a load of records did the angry samoans and stiill do, and surprisingly most of them are pretty good. they get a bit tamer and more pop and psyched out after this one, but as i said, they kept the minimum standard level quite high. 'stp not lsd' is a good example of that, if you wanna check it out. ill post some other stuff they did some other time. heres their 3rd release (?) and enjoy like skipper todd would......''when skipper todd digs girls. its his idea of killing time..!!''

angry samoans - lp, sleeves and pics

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