Sunday, 10 June 2012

hank williams & his drifting cowboys - mother is gone 7 inch alabama 1955

welcome to the kingdom of doom and gloom. not many have scraped at the coffin of heartbreak the way hanky panky does in this wee rendition. the old recording gives a spooky feeling. backed by his eerie voice it could drive a jar jar to tears. pure class it is. hank the wank fae clydebank is at his best..... my mother past away a year and a half ago and it took me a while before i could listen to this. i played about with others of his multitude of hits, but this i stayed away from. then i listened to it and it kind of strengthend me. even though the rest of my life has nearly fell apart. well done my man. your a dead scunner, but your madness was probably driven by the madness you saw and not the madness you ment........these days country is sadly remembered as a music johnny 'the black' cash played or as a strange rich mans white power music. firstly..... johnny cash is great, but he was hardly a country star as his music was a mixture of rockabilly, hillbilly, blues, country and rock and or roll. sure, he was from the same seed but to stars like hank he was contemporary. hiram king williams should be the name everyone associates with the blues white men played. secondly......ill defend that statement. country was really just music played by white guys via music they were brought up listening too and the lyrics described the absolute shite lifes they led. as blues was for blacks in the southern states. both musics came from the same areas. both played by poor as fuck people with literally no chances in life. hence the excellence of both styles. PEOPLE play the best tunes when they have nothing to gain but maybe a meal and/or a glass if theyre lucky. same as boxers, footballers etc even if this music came from the same states as a bunch of clowns in fancy dress. dont associate it too them, as many others do. its working class poor mans music of the first half of the 19th century. no matter who the fuck played it or what the music papers called it...theyre aint no i in there..!!

hank williams - single, sleeves and pics

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