Friday, 18 May 2012

prince buster - madness 7 inch jamaica 1963

right.! seconds up for the wee buster chap. the king of ping (yes, ping.!). to think. what wouldve he said if he was told at the time, that in nearly 20 years on a rain drenched island far too close to the artic circle and france. there will be thousands upon thousands upon thousands ( that many ) of small boys (...and big boys) steel toeing anything that resembles an immigrant, a student, a poof and the opposing team/scheme/estate/town/village. while dressed in badly bleached or white trousers rolled up to their knees in boots that are far too big for them ( or small for them, as i seem to remember ). with big black coats that are again far too big to the extent of being dragged on the floor. with completely shaven heads, ginger heads at that...and the tune they did all this too was this. re-vamped by the said islands band of the day who had an extremely right wing pretty positive that he would have fucking loved the idea and that he would have thought that 'one step beyond' would go down wae they boys a right cracker as well..... and what do you know, he would have been right. in there boxin bongo buster..!!


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