Thursday, 17 May 2012

the cortinas - fascist dictator 7 inch bristol 1977

one of the best punk singles ever to be released and it didnt even come from london. in fact most of the truley great 7 inchs from the uk didnt come from london. it may have been the epicentre for fashion, make-up and tantrums but dont be believing a fool when the try and tell you all the tunes came from there too. they had all the classic clubs though and you can see that the cortinas made a few trips east to play these snotter filled hovels. another thing about bands that didnt come from london is thay always looked cooler and didnt seem to be dragged into that ''gotta look punk'' mentality. each town seemed to have their own look as well. glasgow had the long curly hair and shirt tucked into trousers look. manchester had the rod stewart haircuts, white shirts and leather jackets etc etc etc....god im spinning a yarn here, help me. anyways.....they were young, punk and full of spunk. did this one classic song and then slid into the arsehole of middle of the road nothingness. just like so many other young bands of the time. still a fucking top of the shelf classic. my man.!

the cortinas - single, sleeves and pics

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