Friday, 11 May 2012

the creamers - sunday head 7 inch california 1989

not many know about the creamers which is a fucking shame as the were a great wee band at the time. they had some form of connection or other with the mighty lazy cowgirls but i dont really know what that connection is though. what tends to crop into my head is that both bands look like a paedophiles day out...i.e both have complete spam heads in the band, the insane type with a pathetic atempt at long hair with a great big shining head. im dumbstruck i tell thee. what in the wide wide world of sports were they fucking thinking...!!! anyways, bauldies aside. theyre great and can sure rip a tune a new arsehole. dig my children...!! in there.!

the creamers - single, sleeves and pics

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