Friday, 11 May 2012

detroit cobras - village of love 7 inch detroit 1996

im posting this here post, not just because i think its a smashing wee record but because its my girlfriends birthday this weekend and its one of her favourite bands. here ya go honey.!!!! we have their second ever 7 inch and this time theyre doing a nathaniel myers cover, 'village of love'. both versions are in fact more than class in a glass as you can hear for yourself because ive included the original in with the download. the detroit cobras are (were?) a covers band, but a covers band in the same lines as elvis, the cramps and nouvelle vague are covers bands. i.e they change it a wee bit and give it their own special fingering....i remember years ago trying to go and see them at debaser slussen (stockholm) with my aforementioned girlfriend and the que to get in was miles long; the club only holds about 3 or 400. so we gave that idea up as it was pouring with rain and queing is just soooo pish. so i didnt get to see them and neither did she. fucking shame i must say. and i dont have this record either. another bloody shame...!!!....there. done and i didnt even mention once (like everywhere else i read) that the singer used to be a butcher, stripper, junkie, is great at blowjobs (she apparently says so herself) and shes got a vocabulary like big margaret fae the bingo bus......ah nuts..!!!!

detroit cobras - single, sleeves and pics


  1. "Used to be" a junkie? Apparently, you have not seen her live lately. The last time I saw her, she was so smacked out she could barely sing, with angry dark track marks everywhere. She was a drooling and mean mess. It was a total waste of time and money, everyone in the crowd was pissed. I do hope she gets help someday....

  2. apparently, i havent seen here live at all, or even in person. as i did state. so thanks for the self build up and details of your very judgemental opinions. apparently, she is still an ex butcher. or, do i have that wrong too. maybe youll know, as you seem to know and see much more ''famous'' people than i do. now, piss off, please.