Thursday, 17 May 2012

madball - ball of destruction 7 inch new york 1989

rogers 12 year old wee brother with various members of agnostic front doing a plethora of agnostic front covers and even an original or two (i think). kinda sounds like a much better produced 'united blood' e.p with a different singer. new york hard core the way it should be played. fast as fuck. brutal. aggressive. loads of chants about skinheads. pro-violence. sung by a pre-pubescent pre-teen. when this came out, or when i got my hands on it. it was like a breath of fresh air. the hardcore scene was falling apart with toooo many bands slowing down and becoming poofters. big bellies, facial tattoos, crap clothes, silly head-ware and fucking emotional hardcore pish. this blew all that shite up in the air and got it back to where it was ment to be. unfortunately, as always, this was about it in my opinion from this band. everything else they did totally sucked and was way way over produced. anyways.....this is truely magnificent and im glad i had forgot all about it. just so i could listen to it again and remember how good it was and surprisingly how good it still is. get in there the wee freddie madball. stay young..!!
never noticed this before but the picture on the back record sleeve seems to have bleached out what t-shirt he was wearing. if you look down thru the pics ive posted, youll see the same pic but a bit enlarged. low and behold, the wee prick is wearing a skrewdriver t-shirt with a celtic cross on it. we'll put it down to being a naive youth as the band of course had black chaps in it at a later date and being a cuban immigrant himself. surely his big brother would have put him right though. obviously not, but they did take the time to take it out the record sleeve. theres a thing. i wouldnt normally have posted this if known, but i honestly just noticed it now and i just cant be arsed deleting all this and starting a new post. my internet is fucked and anything........blah blah blah..!!


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