Saturday, 5 May 2012

motorhead - overkill 7 inch uk 1979

what better way to start a last day of the season saturday than wae a bit eh the motorhead....funny wee anecdote i heard about this song was when they were writing it (playing it), the lem master and his chums had no idea how to end it. so they thought fuck it, lets not end it and start it all again. and thats what they did, and then it ended. finally...... this song was on some winter sports game for the playstation i used to have, until my son teefed the god-damned machine, and it was a magic background to hurteling down a hill on a bit of wood at 200mph. your half way down and the song ends, low and behold it starts again. oh the fun we had together. fine fine chaps indeed. i love you motorhead..!!!

motorhead - single, sleeves and pics


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  1. Some of the best Motorhead pics! Thanks for posting such raddness man keep it up!