Friday, 20 April 2012

slapshot - step on it lp boston 1988

second post of the day, im on  fucking roll here. no stopping me now..!! the infectiously silly slapshot from ye olde boston town. big choke and his hockey stick, smacking the drinks out of non-straight edgers hands and telling them tae get the fuck out. total fanny of a thing to do, but thats why i said infectiously silly. i suppose the old slappers took straight edge that wee bit further and did what all the other underage wimps wanted to do and wanted to say. they were big boys after all, and the frontcunt choke doesnt seem like the kinda chap you wanna mess about with. for some reason i dont take him that serious though, he seems to have his tounge firmly planted in his cheek. or, maybe that is me just hoping, but i think there is something to what im saying. he cant be serious, hes a growen man for gods sake. or........anyways, all this lp aint the shit, but there is some utterly fucking superb moments to it. 'step on it', 'your no friend of mine', 'chant' and  'hang up your boots' are crackers to a man. the whole lp is ok to be honest, but it really has its weak points and lows. the highs though are enough to get it on here as it holds a lot of memories and the good songs are fucking great. in fact, when i first heard this and the songs 'step on it' and 'ive had enough', i was like woah, fuck me, this is superb. as both songs are the starters for each side. i think i stuck the beginning of each side on to get the jist of things. i was creaming myself i tell you, pissing myself even it was that much fluid. here was me thinking the whole kit and kaboodle was gonna sound like this. fuck i was disappointed. anyways again......'chant' is a superb drinking song, even if the sentiments are complete nonsense. its quite fun to march about singing it drunk and looking at the expressions on other peoples faces. ive heard all these bad stories as well about this band, the usual shite of them being nazis and bullys and thugs, but i bet its all complete bullshit. the bullying thug bit i can kinda see, but nazi??? no fucking way. tell me why? god, i hate the people who throw around these accusations. just cause the bands full of hardmen. what? so hardmen are automatic nazis.??? away and give yourself a fucking shake and wake up. anarcho numpties, get a grip..!!! easy..!!

slapshot - lp, sleeves and pics

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