Thursday, 19 April 2012

p.e.a.c.e compilation 2xlp international 1984

honestly, here we have one of the best punk slash hardcore comps ever done. of course not every song on here is a doosie, but theres wheens of songs and there is classics by the thousands (10s). the likes of d.r.i, butthole surfers, porno patrol, d.o.a, reagan youth, upright citizens, wretched, septic death and the dead kennedys are just a few of the dream team here i can think off the top of my head......the doers of this here comp really took their job serious and really looked round the world for the best bands and tunes they could get a hold of at this time. unlike others of this genre, i.e bullshit detector 1,2 and motherfucking 3. unlike the bullshit detector, where quantity was way before quality. this comp is the quality of the world scene in 1984. the recording of the d.r.i song 'snap' on here is pure class. probably one of the best songs they ever did........ive went on about shite like this before, but why oh why oh why do we not have bands like this any more, or even compilations like this?? im sure theres bands, but who fucking cares..theyre just AINT no-one doing comps like this and there AINT bands to fill it with this kind of astute political atitude. i know times have changed, but its fucking worse now for gods sake and the people (the kids?!) need taught about what the fuck is going on. the internet dont cut it, cause theres just too much bullshit on it too to sidetrack people. all fanzines seem to be on line as well. so who the fuck is telling people what is right and what is wrong? no-one god-damit.!!! you have to go back in time to things like this to tell us what is bullshit and what isnt. you all might shout back and say this kinda stuff is available and there is bands and comps and there is great political movements and speakers. but i sure as hell dont see it, and i assure you i look. i work in the music industry, not that often but occasionally i work at punk/hardcore/straight edge/anarcho shows and i go out to the stalls and distros and buy up what is available. and theres nothing, fucking nothing. so dont tell me im talking shite, cause i know this as a fact. people just dont give a flying fuck anymore and the world is 22 inches up its own arsehole. what we need is a huge political punk scene again. fuck poverty, fuck the nazis and most of all fuck the bullshit. peace..!!

p.e.a.c.e compilation, sleeves and pics

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