Friday, 6 April 2012

extreme noise terror - punker than punk 7 inch ipswich 1995

amazing covers e.p here from the dandies of the u.k hardcore scene. some absolute beauties on this one. my faves being 'johnny wont get to heaven' and the fucking amazing 'i am a bloody fool'. i wont disrespect you by telling you who the original artists are, because if you dont know, honestly you should be shot and then shat upon....... funny wee story about something or other to do with this band. back in the moons of time, i used to have their initials E.N.T painted on the sleeve of my leather jacket. i was at some show or other, at rooftops in glasgow i believe and the band was amazingly camper van beethoven. i too am shocked, but their tune 'take the skinheads bowling' is a wee darling pop tune....anyways....someone i knew, who had just finishing studying to be a doctor came up and asked me why i had what he had been studying on my sleeve. he genuinely was rather confussed. i asked him what on earth he was talking about. he replied, Ear Nose and Throat....E.N.T. i explained to him it was a band and he somehow got a bit upset, but promised to tell everyone he knew about this silly named band. god how we laughed and then fell over drunk. them were the days eh..!? i hope to god your childhood was more entertaining and sexy than mine. please let it be true.....mon the diamonds. playoffs??? or have i just gave us the kiss of death. hope not. sha la la la la la la la la......airdrie......airdrie for the texaco cup...!!! easy..!!

extreme noise terror - single, sleeves and pics

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