Wednesday, 4 April 2012

turbo neger - i got erection 7 inch norway 1995

right, heres the second turbo cunthole 7 inch here. and what a fucking record it is. '' i got a semi baby '' as the big man used to gently say to us all, as we were motioned to sleep as we were kids. that what the doctor just keeps telling me?? here we have the plump chaps of norway again and by jizzum are we proud to be catering these chaps. one of the worlds best ever anthemic songs about a trouser movement, tell me where theres another one better than this. and, yeah sure, ive heard 'i have a hammer' a million times, and i assure you this is better. trini lopez and doctor spock coulndnt lay a johnnie on this one and you sure as hell know it.......anyways....they turned bent (not gay) in the end and ended up with bikini models instead of keeping hating the kids. sure, that sucked, and so did their attitude. they still sounded ok, but gone were the days of fire crackers up the arsehole and random assaults of famous swedish celebrities (dregan). cant stand how they turned from hating the kids to fucking them. if your gonna stand by a bullshit principle, then you gotta stand by it. theyre fans are pussies and the media love them.....but just think back my babies to the darkened days when no-one knew about them, they hated me and you and we loved them as much as they loved us. and once, just once, we were all allowed to sing about about how much we loved a muscular J.T in the trouser department. them were the days and these were the there...!!

turbo neger - single, sleeves and pics

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