Wednesday, 21 March 2012

clockwork orange soundtrack lp 1972

welly welly well. heres we have it. the soundtrack to maybe the best film ever made. cliched as a motherfucker, i know, but it is that and i wont hear a thing about it. in fact. if you either dont like it or worse dont even understand it, i think its because your too fucking stupid to understand it. maybe thats a wee thing the stanley man played on. its about the mind of the general populace but in no way is it aimed at the general populace. you could look at it another way. why did the stanley man ban it himself from being viewed in britain? yes, it created wide spread one off incidences and crowds of marching football hooligans dressed as drooges. but, i believe it was more about the fact that the people it was about could not fathom what it really ment and only picked up on its negative side. the book and the film arent alike, but they do have some similarities. the message being the major point.....which is...the world will soon be a place where the average person will be too scared to walk the streets, due to gangs, violence and a over powering media which grossly advertises the fact 'stay at home'. while everyone is encouraged to buy their shopping from a tv device and enjoy the comforts of home living thru fear.....sounds familiar, eh? we, as the british people, never understood that, and still fucking dont understand it. even though this is the british isles now. was it a warning?? no shit sherlock, of course it was. he seen what he had just created and he completely shit himself, probably in belief that he would soon be assasinated by some right wing fucker believing that the stanley man had blowen the blanket off their secret plans for the future. the french loved it, and now they hate the americans and the americans hate them. god, if this could have only been us. instead of some pish excuse for a country sucking up any droplets of shite the americans care to blow out their arse on their way to some other pointless destruction. the stanley man was a soothsayer and a beardie one at that. my hat tips to you my man. rest in peices...!!! eggy wegs..!!!

clockwork orange - lp, sleeves and pics

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