Tuesday, 20 March 2012

johnny peanuts wilson - cast iron arm 7 inch west virginia 1957

heres one for yeez. another mad old eccentric rock n doobie 7n'er about knocking people out and takin yir wummin out for a wee dance. in rescent times this has been made famous by the 'demented are go' cover on the said bands second lp and i guess thats why its now on any ''rare'' rockabilly compilation there is. anyway, its a classic, even if some trany dick from wales did a cover of it or not, this should never be held up against how good this is. the outside world thought the old rockabilly chaps was about wearing a hanky around your neck and looking like a complete fanny (well nowadays it is anyways) from a land of camp colours and high waist lines. where as this wee belter give us a much more truthful insight into the ways of the hillbilly hero. although looking like a transexual trying on male clothes for the first time...you could also knock a cunt out with that beautiful human attachment called a 'cast iron arm'. ''dont mess with me, cause i got a cast iron arm''. well boy, that surely rings my alarm.....ouch..!!

johnny peanuts wilson - single, sleeves and pics

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