Thursday, 1 March 2012

minor threat - salad days 7 inch d.c 1985

the last ever vinyl offering from the mighty M.T. what is there left to say?..........this particular 7 inch sticks out for me, not because its their best although it is exceptionally good, more because it reminds me so much of being 17 or 18 or 19. young, care free and excessive. we could say that here you can hear the change, especially on the b-side. we could say that this was showing the future for hardcore and dischord records. we could say they were disappearing up their own arses but couldnt fit because their heads were so fucking large. we could say fuck straight edge and get on the dancing girls with the glue bags......but we wont..!! what we will say is that this is a fucking classic no matter what way you look at it and it still stands the test of time. now......where did they leave them glue bags??!!.....Toon Tongs Ya Bass..!

minor threat - single, sleeves and pics

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