Wednesday, 22 February 2012

jerrys kids - is this my world lp boston 1983

theyre no really from boston, some other mad place in massawhitever.....but they tell me in sweden im a '' scottish man from england ''. so who is being really fussy? might as well just say, over there. anyways....enough gibberish. blisteringly mad as a hat fast guitar hardcore. tremendous stuff. for some reason ive had nearly every press of this lp, had the x-claim press a coupla times, but ive always sold or exchanged them. at the moment i have quite a modern press by taang. seemed to be, or we could definetly say, that they were a lot older than a lot of the other boston bands. maybe 24 instead of 14. so they thankfully never went the straight line of defence, and i believe a riff opened up between them and the ssd, dys, impact unit etc dinky teenagers led by captain al. maybe its the f.u's im thinking of, but im sure its jerrys kids. although dys and impact unit are pure fab. i still stand behind the beer, bongs and beard brigade. theyre not as fit as the younger chaps and need a bit of back up. so......fuck sports (apart from football) fuck religious attitudes and running up steep steps. maybe i didnt say, but its a wee dancer of a record thatll knock your hat of, mr mcvitie. BAULDIE..!!!

jerrys kids - lp, sleeves and pics

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