Wednesday, 15 February 2012

the hoodoo gurus - tojo 7 inch australia 1983

here were off down the shitter of obnoxiousness and compulsive lying. yepp, youve got it were off to oz land again. australia i tell yee..!! this band went on to be famous as almost anything oz baws has done....eating cow turds, vomiting, male hetrosexual anal sex and swallowing sheets of metal....among other things. this is where they were at though. their second single and what a flyer it is. the a-side, which is excellent by the way, is a more mid tempo love song done in typical aussie style bubblegum 60s punk coolness. the b-side is the up tempo doosie that gets the dance floor going. 'lets all (turn on)' is one of my fave aussie tunes by the way. heard it way back in the moons of time, about 1984 or 1985 id guess, from my australian scene obssessed sister and ive dug it ever since. they released a selection of singles and one extremely great lp, 'stone age romeos'....and then they of course lost it and went down the shite road of fucking nonsense and selling out to the man. the urge to earn money and make a living must influence musicians just too much. if it didnt youd never swap playing genius for shite. drug addiction and kids has a lot to blame id guess or maybe just changing musical tastes....who cares though. everyone should, and i mean should, either own this 7 inch or the lp i just mentioned. they were honestly a great band in these days. a bit softer than what you were normally listening too, but no matter what it was you were listening too, you just cannot deny pop rocknroll genius. they remind me so much of being a young teenager they actually make me very sentimental and and urge for a time again when music was boss and we didnt have soo much utter fucking drivel. some bands did deserve greatness, its just a shame what they bloody done with that greatness......if it was me id have started some crazy sex manson like guru (get it) leisure camp....they didnt and tried to sound like inxs and make loads of cash. bloody shame i say....easy baby easy..!!!

hoodoo gurus - single, sleeves and pics

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