Wednesday, 22 February 2012

negative approach - s.t 7 inch michigan 1982

one bouncing bastard of a record. hardcore when it mattered, wasnt reguritated and as fresh as a fucking rose. they didnt seem to like anyone, werent straight edge at all and seemed to like a good set too. the way a proper punk band should be. 'cant tell no one' is one of the best songs in this genre ever recorded and its the first track on here. what a start for a record. some real shorties on here as well 'pressure' is 10 seconds, 'why be something that your not' is 38 seconds etc etc. so you can guess there not hanging around waiting for a pat on the back. get it said, played and recorded, on vinyl and out there and get some beer money.....the first recording of 'ready to fight' is on its been covered so many times by anyone in boots and uniformed spikey/shaved heads in an attempt to try and give their shitty band some merrit. this is when hardcore got regurgitated and not fresh and the wiser got out and started making jazz tours instead. anyways.....these were the days, just wish i was fucking there, and not a 10 year old in buckfast bombed out north lanarkshire. fuck sake, what did we get?? the threats? external menace? lord.!! they were fine, but im sure as hell that id rather have been going to see negative approach, the necros, jerrys kids, the fix etc etc. michigan, and surrounding areas (yes, i know jerrys kids are from massachusets) sure had some fucking bands coming out of it. rough sounding fellows with a big drive for power tunes. and thats what we fucking want here well..!! tip tam topper of a record..!!

negative approach - single, sleeves and pics

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