Monday, 20 February 2012

elvis presley - s.t 7 inch memphis 1956

his first 7 inch, i believe, for r.c.a. same cover as his first lp and all songs come from there as well. even the double 7 inch vinyl version that came out around the same time. the a-side of this is two of his better known songs and are over heard to be honest. the b-sides double busters are slightly less known and dont grate as much as a lot of his over-over heard gear tends to do. blue suede shoes is a great example of this. how many more times can you hear it. his version of ray charles 'i got a woman' though, my my my, now were talking. 'just because' too, what ever that woman did id love to know, but i wonder if she thought her stealing and laughing would create such lyrics (whoever it was that wrote it). hope not and i hope she got run down just after she got toed out the door. ''old santa claus''.......i right hen, ding dong ya bun..!!

elvis - single, sleeves and pics

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