Thursday, 16 February 2012

the mummies - uncontrollable urge (bootleg) 7 inch california 1993

hi hi hi..!!! if you think this is really on sub pop, then your arse is blowing in the wind. total piss take, i assure you. two cracking devo covers here, especially that a-side. woo-hoo-hoo. these boys know their tunes....dont normally like the old liveness on a vinyl platter, but this is an exception to the rule. especially like the obnoxious intro...'' this next one goes out to fucking me, cause i like this one so much '', aint got the best quality recording in the world, but its the mummies so what do you expect.....going back to one of my obsessions, the meteors... i once had a live tape of theirs from the beginning of the 80s, from struts in glasgow i believe (wish i still had it). p.paul introduces one of the songs quite in the same vain.. '' this one is dedicated to me, cause im so fucking cute it makes me sick ''. this kinda attitude is missing today in the rock and boom scene. it seems the obnoxiousness of reality is left behind and a pompous up your own arse nothingness is the replacement. middle class kids just aint got that two fingers up your fucking nose attitude. they aint been beaten up enough to appreciate the humour in self degradation. the upper middle class kids on the scene always avoided a fist in the mouth in an argument. so they never questioned their own status in life. therefore they will never put themselves up i a down way. dig? thought not..! anyways.....if you dig dirty and you dig guys in stinking bandages doing devo covers. then my will dig this.! magic..!!

the mummies - single, sleeves and pics

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