Friday, 16 March 2012

sloppy seconds - the first seven inches 7 inch indiana 1987

ive posted this before, many moons ago now, but this is still a repost. loads of early posts i did (you may have noticed) have lost all the photos and other such things. ive no idea why it happend, as it seems like its random, but it happend no less. ive been fixing them and sticking up extra pics etc etc, but it was close to a hundred posts and its very time consuming. this was originally the bands first two 7 inchs in one post, but ive decided to break it down and start a new just giving yous one record at a time. gonna do the same to one of the early lazy cowgirls posts i did. as it too has lost pretty much all its data. shite over...........this is just fucking brilliant sing-along-a-max poppy style rock n punk single from heaven. squeeky voiced mo-fos with just a touch of obnoxiousness to keep the party falling over. 'im so fucked up'' is a party starter if ever ive heard one. ''someone elses pills'' and ''if i had a woman'' are utter fucking essential classics of their genre too. if yous like songs about women, drink, puking, broken hearts, chubbie blokes, drugs, women and drinking. then these are yir men and theyre gonna push it on you soo hard that theyll fall over and pish on you as theyre doing it.......funny you should mention it, but i went to see these chaps once, in glasgow the flyer is now posted here, and i was bantering along to the singer. i was as drunk as a man should be and im sure theyre was some other consumptions involved as well....and i was really doing his head in and you could see he wanted me to fuck off, but i didnt and just kept going on and on at him about what lassies he fancies in the crowd. he just walked away making comments about my sanity and my canny resemblance to a body part kept in the back of your underpants. nob, and here was me having just broken my foot as well jumping off the stage to his god-damned band. im sure he didnt like my dancing either. some people eh?! just cant please them at all...!!!! my weapon is chess, my man and im regarded as one of the finest there is..!!! motherfucker..!!

sloppy seconds - single, sleeves and pics

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