Tuesday, 26 April 2011

photos nouvelle vague berns stockholm 9th october 2009

heres some more for yeez. going back nearly two years now. 'nouvelle vague' at the mighty 'berns' in central stockholm. this arena has to be one of the best venues in stockholm, if not sweden. if youve ever been there then youll know why. cracking place..!! these pics are a bit shaky and misty and outta focus, but you try and get a still pic of these girls. think it kinda shows what kinda show these ladies and gents put on. ok. they are a cover band, but........the covers they do and the style they do them in. the two devotchkas really do make this an entertaining evening indeed wae their jigger pokery and what not.
theyre playing again on wednesday this week, and im working at it. so unless both my arms drop off or some teefing rouge pinches me camera, then there shall be more rescent pics up her in a coupla days. brilliant band to see live and this was defo the gig of 2009. that i do remember. go see 'em. thats my advice suckers..!!

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