Tuesday, 26 April 2011

photos angelic upstarts major accident plus support klubben stockholm 23rd april 2011

ive been meaning to start doing this for some time now. as you may know i work at concerts, maybe you didnt, and i always take pictures wae ma wee camera no matter what the gig is. im gonna start putting a few of them up here from time to time. the quality sometimes isnt the best, quality in photo not just the bands, but im gonna do it anyways. ive 6 odd years of photos just sitting in my hard drive so i might as well do something with them.
first up is some photos from the 'pretty shitty kjell' mini festival that happend on the the 22nd and 23rd of april 2011. wasnt there the first night, as it was my birthday and i never work on my birthday. the night i was there 'anti pati', 'clockwork crew', 'major accident' and 'the angelic upstarts' played. great night it was and not an ounce of trouble. all bands are photod apart from 'clockwork crew' as the pics i took of them turned out really shite and unfixble. although this was a kinda festival for the older uk oi/punk bands, i was really impressed by the the two local swedish bands that played and especially impressed by the crowd who stood down the front and sang along to every word, to both bands like the lyrics really ment something. fucking great, the way punk should be. 'angelic upstarts' were magic though.
let me know what yous think with the photos and tell me if i should continue. if so ill start looking through my archives and start posting some of the thousands and thousands of pics i have stored away.
after that i have loads of street art photos and pics from the football (fitba) i go and see.
if its out of place or annoying, just geez a wee bell. toodle pip...xxx...!!!


  1. Great Stuff man, well done on the pictures, looks great!

  2. cheers mate. thanks for the encouragement...xxx