Friday, 29 April 2011

photos ron sexsmith göta källare stockholm april 25th 2011

some photos from the other night. wasnt the best of shows, he should have stopped after 15mins and that would have been enough. he didnt, of course, but he played just over an hour, thankfully. unlike his other 'singer songwriter' chums who can get close to touching 3 fucking hours. as i said, thankfully he didnt do that. on top of this pleasent descision, he seemed a descent chap as well and was very humble. again, very unlike his other desperate contemporary mates. easy night for a change. peace wee curly heid..!!
said the other day that id be putting up pics from the 'nouvelle vague' show, unless of course my arms fell off or some cad teefed ma camera. well...........i went one better and got food poisoning. lost 7 kilos in 24 hours direct out the cakehole and at times felt like i was quite close to death indeed. gravity started having new meanings and the visual colours were fantastic, but if i had a choice about how i get to flying carpet land, i think id choose to the mush-mush tea. although, there was a number of similarities and displeasures. was even on the guest list in case i felt better and didnt go. i was that bad. anywayz.....the good lady went and she said they werent that good and had a new singer who wasnt as mad as the big 'bridget bardot' lookalike the last time. shame and poor poor me. god-damnit..!!

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