Tuesday, 8 March 2011

the outcasts - just another teenage rebel 7 inch belfast 1978

sorry again about the lack of posts over the past couple of weeks. too much work on etc
so....heres a wee something special to make up for that.
another wee trip over to war torn ulster in the late 70s. this is the second release by the outcasts, first being the 'frustration' 7 inch. magical release of mystical proportions. and youve guessed it. its on 'good vibrations' records. the seminal northern irish punk label. the outcasts, to me anyways, always seemed like the perfect teenage punk band. three brothers and one mate singing about girls, the police, being a rebel, girls and being stupidly aggressive in some kinda falls-shankhill tom and jerry like violence. that only a frustrated teenage boy could ever fantasize about. their lyrics are.....stupid, couldnt think of anyother way of putting it, but great. they cant play, another great. but its all put together into this sweet pop punk music that took a lot of guts to play and be seen in. especially in the violent macho culture in which they grew up. sweet pop thug punk if you please. for some reason northern ireland released some fantastic sweet as suger pop punk in the late 70s. the outcasts and rudi are my favourites but the moondogs and the undertones arent far behind. wish i could go back in time and just go to one of these shows. as long as i had a bullet proof vest and a 'quick take me back to reality' button i could press if it all got a bit hairy. the package of this record, like all early 'good vibrations' releases is absolutely superb  and makes this a must have. its one of them that sit pride of place in my collection. fold out sleeve, lyrics and pics of the band. wish it was still like this without having to sound like some kinda fart going backwards through an door of farts. ''i dont want to go on my holidays to sunny spain. to see little girls getting up the shute to spanish gits.'' need i say anymore?? thought not..!!

outcasts - single, sleeves and pics

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