Wednesday, 30 March 2011

v.a - spectacular commodity 7 inch paisley 1979

heres a wee something that maybe some of yous have never heard of. rare as fuck west coast scottish punk compilation from 1979. most of the bands , if not all, come from 'paisley'. quite a large town to the west of glasgow, the place where the football team 'st mirren' come from. if im right as well, heroin was invented in paisley. so you could have heard of the place. lovely wee place that just blossoms in the spring time sun.....aye right. be honest, i love this record. i know its madly rare, but copies always crop up in west coast scottish bargain bins and jumble sales. had a copy as long as i can remember. totally love how the comp starts. total scottish accent shouting '' 3! 5! 9! 8! '' (instead of 1234, us scots are so original) then it goes into 'machete shuffle' by 'x-s discharge' (by the way, what a great name). great wee tune. the only song i have problems with on this comp is 'the poems' number. slow and akward, like listening to a mixture of shite and paint drying. 'mod cons' tunes a wee jam like adventure. 'mentol errors' track 'irrelevance' is fucking brilliant 1979 punk and catchy as hell. these late 70s obscure british regional comps are great wee treasures to have. they really give you a true glimpse to what was going on away from the major cities. another thing that i really like about this record is the sleeve. showing us how politically minded a lot of these bands were at the time. especially up in scotland. anarchist and left wing hints and quotes everywhere. the times were ment to be a changing after all. just a shame they got much much worse. bugger..!!

spectacular commodity - single sleeves and pics


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