Thursday, 24 March 2011

the sonics - the witch / psycho 7 inch tacoma wa 1965

the sonics are the st pauli of the rocknroll world. everybody loves them. everybody loves them that much that its sickening to be honest. makes me really sad to think of the amount of cocks ive met that like the sonics. hipster mother-dusters..!! anyways. first time i heard them was through hearing the 'rockabilly psychosis and the garage disease' compilation lp (picture above). starts of with 'psycho', and youll always remember the first time you hear that scream. making marty lott fall of his wheelchair. ive heard it about a million times now, but 'psycho' still sounds as fresh as a pair of tits. 'the witch' is a more spooky wee tune. totally classic as well. really love these old records that you get two a-side tracks that are pure belters. if either of these two tunes dont get you searching for the nearest dance floor, then you better be changing them dancing shoes honey. crackerjack..!!

the sonics - single sleeves and pics

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