Wednesday, 30 March 2011

the nipple erectors - king of the bop 7 inch london 1978

years ago when i first heard this song, i had no idea who it was. i found it on some compilation tape my brother had left behind, but all it said was 'king of the bop'. it really annoys me when i dont know what the name of the band is. so i started trying to work out who it was and for some reason i convinced myself that it was either 'chelsea' or 'the maniacs'. so i stuck it on loads of comp tapes i made up and mostly wrote down it was 'the maniacs'. loads of people copied those tapes. so i wonder if anyone else dug this and thought it was 'the maniacs'. a bit boring but a ditty no less. was right into psychobilly around this time, so this dug right in there. now i of course know that this is shane macgowan from 'the pogues' punk band from back in the yonder times of strikes and darkness. magic wee rockabilly influenced punk number from before all the dafties were doing it. this cost me a neat pony on ebay. thought it was a bit of a must have so didnt really want to miss out. to be honest, i truely have enjoyed my purchase. in there..!!

the nipple erectors - single sleeves video and pics


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