Wednesday, 23 March 2011

the dickies - fan mail 7 inch california 1980

this might be the least popular of the early dickies singles, but who really cares. its a great record with a fold out poster sleeve, or as you can see above mines has fallen totally apart. red vinyl. two pop-tastic tunes. so what more can you really ask for. was tremendously into the dickies when i was a child. about 6, 7 years old. remember getting 'incredible shrinking dickies' for my christmas and one of the singles for my 7th birthday, 1979, from my older brother. both of which he of course took back, and i believe still has to this day. if im right i was even gonna write to 'jim'll fix it' and try and meet them. they were very big in britain back in the late 70s, so i thought i stood a chance, possibly spurred on by sham 69s appearance. of course, i didnt. when they reformed and did a tour in about 1988 or 1989 of the uk. i planned to hitch hike round and see all the shows. first night in bradford i got my nose broke, if i remember correctly, at an obituary concert. hitched straight home the next day in the huff. so there you have it. never got to meet them as a child and never got to see them as a teenager. still havent seen them live. was at at least one of their shows in glasgow, cant remember, but i for some reason never watched the show. again, cant remember why. so there you have it. i still like them though. dickies on tour..!! ouch...!!

the dickies - single sleeves and pics


  1. NOFX does a kick ass version of Fan Mail

  2. some sort of curly headed halloween type punk outfit from croatia i believe.