Wednesday, 23 March 2011

youth of today - cant close my eyes 7 inch conneticut 1985 + 1988

was watching the excellent 'edge' documentary today and yesterday, as i lay on the sofa suffering from the cold. great wee bit of documentary work on the straight edge scene in nebraska, sorry, the states. ray cappo, lead singer in youth of today, was being so positive that it encouraged me to post one of their records up here. as well as that, i was working at a show the other day, 'rise against', and an old friend happend to be in one of the support bands. straight edge influenced type hardcore from malmö ( for the love of me i cant remember their name, hårda something or other i think ). he was saying that the night before they had supported youth of today in oslo and that they were excellent. i was a bit shocked to hear that they were still playing, but glad that they were still astounding live. ive never actually seen them live myself, but i have seen 'shelter' and  'better than a thousand' numerous times. rays bands later on after y.o.t. them two bands always did yot songs as an encoure. always thought that they bits were the best and wished id just got to see yot in their prime. anyways......heres their first 7 inch. 'cant close my eyes'. brilliant new york style hardcore in one of its original forms. thousands copied them and their message but no-one really did do it any justice. ray cappo is quite the performer to beat. hes now a yoga instructor in beverly hills, which didnt surprise me at all after seeing the way the man throws himself about the stage. on top of that he is as camp as a row of tents, and extremely happy looking. good on him. this really is punch the air and shout along to every word kinda music. music with a message that to them actually ment something and you can hear it in the way its played and sang. extremly brilliant and i wont hear a word against them. the message wasnt really my cup of tea and still isnt, but the energy behind it is still something ill stand by. the positive vegetarian message though, i did get. 24 fucking years down the line. bugs bunny is still my friend. oh yeeah..!!
if included a whole host of covers to this as its been re-printed a thousand times. which really does go to show how important this record is even to todays generation. the sleeves at the beginning are from the first press that i have, I REPEAT, I HAVE THE FIRST PRESS.
as well as all that. when you download this monster. youll get two different versions in recording. one which i believe is the original 1985 recording and the other being the 1988 recording.
feel free...!!!

youth of today - records sleeves and pics

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