Tuesday, 24 July 2012

four on 4 compilation 7 inch uk 1984

heres another repost from way back in time. this one got all screwed up due to i dont know what and it lost all its pictures.... so here it is again for full enjoyment. i must say, both the stingrays and thee milkshakes toons on here must be some of the best stuff they ever did. especially thee milkshakes baby....''out of control''. its a smashingly good 7 inch and is a great wee representative of the uk trash scene back in the early 80s. i can actually remember seeing it when it was on the tube (the tv show) or maybe thats just because i seen the clip so many times, but im sure i did. magic eh.!? anyways......dig and be merry..!!

four on 4 - single, sleeves and pics

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