Friday, 10 December 2010

motorhead - motorhead 7 inch england 1977

where it all started for these guys. doin a cover of lemmys old band 'hawkwind'. personally i think the original is better, but theres somethin about this single thats just.....gooooooood.! the lyrics are astounding. the build up at the beginning. the whole drivingness of it. there, i can even make up words to describe things. motorhead were always a bit of a hit and miss, but they were always for the making of a good time as well. so what do you do. in rescent years ive met lemmy quite a few times and the people that work for him. sures to be sure , just to burst the bubble, most are a shower of cocks. his chef  (honestly) pukes down himself as he makes his dinner. we opened up a truck once to start work, about 07.30. out pops this obnoxious wee cunt aw bad mooded. as soon as the doors open, he jumps over grabs a case of beer and starts fireing into them. we then unpack the 'catering truck'. a few hours later i had to go in and see him, and hes puking and frying food all at the same time. astounding, and if it could only get better. we all had to leave as we started work the next day at again 07.30. lemmys still locked in his room at 03.00 and hes not budging cause hes in a 'bad mood'. a swift boot to the door soon changed that opinion and of he toddled. the surprising thing, that shocked me anyway, is that he is a midget. tiny wee guy. was shocked. always thought he was a big cunt, 6 5' or something like that. no. totally tottie wee. anyways...heres pictures of the pink vinyl version  i have. maybe it was tom cruise dressed up as lemmy in disguise as napoleon. youd wonder..


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