Thursday, 2 December 2010

minor threat - in my eyes 7 inch washington d.c 1981

this is minor threats second 7 inch and to be honest there isnt much of a difference in quality to either of them. the first time i heard them it blew me away. at the time i wasnt listening to much american hardcore apart from '' in god we trust '' by the dead kennedys. the day i heard this changed all of that for ever and i havent really looked back since. maybe once, just to see if my shoes were still missing, but.....
anyways, this is the band, incase you didnt know, that started the whole straight edge malarky and everybody has been taking it the wrong way ever since. when it was once a few peoples grouped seperate opinions its now become somewhat of a gang mentality. even touching on religious and fascist bullshit. its never been my cup of tea though, so ill leave them too it.
brilliant. thats all i have left to say.
the covers at the beginning are from the copy i have, which i was led to believe is the rarest cover of only 125 pressed  (infact its a photocopy, but it even says so on the dischord discography page) and the third pressed vinyl. who cares. for i have a copy.
included are some adds and interviews from such wonderful magazines as 'touch and go', 'flipside', 'maximum rocknroll' and 'forced exposure'. its the makings of a good time.

minor threat - 7 inch and pics