Thursday, 2 December 2010

g.g allin and the criminal quartet - carnival of excess lp new hampshire 1995

g.g, before he popped it, done some country records with his then band ''the criminal quartet''. believe it or not, they are superb. some of the best stuff he ever did. they, infact, would put a lot of known 'country' artists to total shame.''guns, bitches, brawls and bottles'' or ''carmelita'' or ''outskirts of life'' are some mighty fine croonin, just lyrically slightly different than the rest of that genre. country music done in 'jesus christ allin' style, and if you close your eyes youll swear you cant smell the pish or shite.
'' dont look for me in daylight, where robots all assemble. youll find me in my dark hole in a smoke filled temple.''
in with the pictures here ive added a few original adds etc from various different fanzines. the covers ive used in the beginning are from the double 7 inch limited edition 500 pressed version that i have. at the end ive tossed in a picture of my g.g singles collection, for my own gratification, of course.

g.g allin - music and pics

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