Friday, 17 December 2010

7 seconds - the crew lp nevada 1984 were talking. kevin 'boy' seconds and his team. another classic here from the early american hardcore scene, and what a classic this one is from start to finish. fist in the air chanting from the second it opens to the very close. remember the day i got this. bought it from one of them  d.i.y record distribution things. 'skinny puppy' i think it was called. got this and the comp 'flex your head' at the same time. two creams of the scene. this one was an instant hit due to its catchiness and sing-a-long-a-max capibilities. straight edge that isnt really in your face, like a lot of the other bands of that genre. so i found it very appealing. my god, theres some classics on here. 'clenched fists black eyes' 'trust' 'heres your warning' 'young til i die' 'diehard' etc etc etc in fact theyre all classics, so get yourself a downloading and crank this baby up til you cant hear your wife and kids anymore. crack open a few beers and let the sing-a-long start. '' fuck big business church and war, thats not what were fighting for ''. oh yeah...!

7 seconds - music sleeves flyers pics etc

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