Tuesday, 7 December 2010

link wray and his ray men - ace of spades / hidden charms 7 inch usa 1966

wee linky boy. the master of the guiter and his mad voice. booya... hes of course made famous now by his inclusion in quentin tarantino films, especially if not only, pulp fiction. which used his song 'rumble', his most well known song. do you know why his vocals sound so strange? he got a lung removed (in the army?) and this is the effect. hes most known for his instrumentals but his songs that have him singing, i think are his best. 'johnny bom bonny', 'got another baby' and the gem we have here on this b-side from heaven 'hidden charms'. the latter is my most favourite of all link songs. sleazy as yir mother, dirty rock and or roll which has this element of danger that just appeals to me. 'ace of spades' is a great instrumental, more than great actually, but 'hidden charms', you dont get much better than this. the kinda song you wanna hear as your walkin down death row to the electric chair for killing your honey in a mad drunken jealous rage. yes, i hear you doubt, its that good. ive tried and tried to find the original covers or even labels for this disc. its impossible. so ive included the first 'ace of spades' label from a previous release, which is backed up by 'the fuzz' (ill include this single at a later date, but theres too many better singles to include first). the 'hidden charms' picture is from the 'norton records' release from a few years back. check these out as well by the way. the b-side of that release 'five and ten', i cant find anywhere, although i do have the norton release.
when looking for pics of link to include here, its reminded me of how much he looked like a best friend of mine who died rescently 'kendo mckinney'. made me sad to see the comparisson. anyone who knew kenny should look at some of the pics here, especially the one which is a close up of links face and has a red background. total double.....anyways, get yir pipes loaded and toked, sunny glasses down to the tip of your nose and yir dancin shoes on, and smash this baby on and let yir feet go. slow now mind, none of this white boy dancin. peaches with double cream baby.!!

link wray - music and pics

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