Monday, 6 December 2010

dead kennedys - in god we trust 12 inch san francisco 1981

remember when i first bought this back in the 80s, i can remember bringing it home and thinking it was gonna be just like their first lp 'fresh fruit for rotten vegetables'. this was after all the first 12 inch release after that said lp. funnily enough i was a bit wary of it, cause my sisters boyfriend at the time kept saying it was crap and i shouldnt have bought it. he was probably suggesting that i bought the new johnny thunders release instead which was more to his tastes. anyways, got home stuck it on and my hairs still resembling me standing in a hurricane. to say i was blown away would be a slight understatement. i loved it. loved the quickness, the power, the lyrics and of course the volume of it. it seemed louder than anything id ever heard before and after. ended up getting right into hardcore from that day on. cut of my quiff and ended up with a big mohican. great stuff. the lassies loved it. one of their best releases. top notch mental record. powerful stuff. need some help though. to this day i still cant work out what the lyrics to 'dog bite' are about. someone out there in internet land must know.......'' dog bite on my leg. not right supposed to beg....daily to the filling station. under water navigation.'' evil.

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  1. It is good. First school i went to had no windows, as it would distract the kids

  2. the first window i went thru had no schools in it.