Wednesday, 8 December 2010

suicidal tendencies - s.t lp los angeles 1983

right, enough, i hear you say. no more idi amin rock and or roll for now, '' we love it big man, but for the love of jesus get back to the hardcore ''. so here we have the suicidal chaps, and wooaaaaa....the shivers are runnin down ma spine as we speak. ma weeeee droogie friends and only listeners. look ahead. arms locked. steam in. what is there to say about this lp that hasnt been said. too good to be true. 10 mates, bottles eh buckie, somethin to jump off and the party starts. we used to listen to this in my bed-sit in glasgow. get totally smashed out our tits and run from one corner of the room, in line. bounce on the sofa and land on ma bed. it had two extra matresses on it. mad wee stef used to dive off the the top of the wardrobe. god, how the neighbours must have loved us. i found out exactly how much the loved me when i burned the kitchen down. while the fire brigade stormed thru the door. the 'evil cunt' from down stairs kept asking me what all the loud banging was about when the music was on. if 'wee g-o' is reading this, mind you writing 'bastards' with a big arrow pointing at their door? sounds aw silly, but fuck it was fun at the time. to be honest, i think i laugh more about it now than then. we all could have died, but.........bouncer of an lp. surprisingly good ment lyrics as well. still gets me wanting to run straight into a mosh pit and let all hell break loose. gang mentality as fuck but some how allowed. who fucking cares, this is the fucking shit. they didnt do better than this and they know it. god, they even re-recorded it years later and released it again. that, my children, is how good they even think it is. an oustanding ground breaking lp that blew everyone away. started crossover metal-punk music. had the lefties and the righties all pissing themselves in indulgience and is a standard in my life and for the rest of my life as well. FUCKING DILLION..!!

suicidal tendencies - music and pics

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