Monday, 13 December 2010

mary monday - i gave my punk jacket to rickie 7 inch san francisco 1977

wee mary monday and her britches, or bitches. belter of a rare 7 inch here. again, theres no much info on her. from what i can find though, she arrived in california on a friends private plain in 1976. she was a punk from the day she was born and she liked to play live in only underwear. oh yeah, shes canadian as well. one point id like to make though. the lyrics to this make no sense at all. ''rickie boy dont you know, i gave my punk jacket to rickie.'' obviously she has two friends called rickie, and shes making some excuse up about giving her jacket to the other one. when she had actually promised it to him. the b-side 'popgun' is a wee tune as well. so much so that a few bands have covered it, including 'teengenerate'? if you have a copy of this and you dont want it, well here i am, dans yir man. a tissue.....

mary monday - music sleeves and flyers


  1. Never, ever, will I give up my copy of this 45. Popgun destroys! Love your blog, kisses and hogs.

  2. thanks. i do it all for you. and you only..!!

  3. "Bitches," bitch! Mary Monday and Her Bitches. Mary and I were very good friends during the early eighties. I loved her dearly; and will always remember her fierceness, creativity, humor, good-will and charm. It's little wonder why Amsted Maupin would include Mary in his book "Tales of the City," as Mary was indeed quite a character, a true San Francisco original. Never will I forget the spell she wove as she showed me her trunk of career memorabilia. It was filled with photos; flyers; 45's; newspaper clippings and magazine reviews, one of which sited a "Mab" performance attended by David Bowie and Deborah Harry. Mary succumbed to ovarian cancer in '85. I'll always regret not being around to comfort her in the end. She was quite a gal; may she rest in peace.

  4. bitches or britches. who cares you name dropping fool. amsted maupin???? what the fucks that??? a beer driven moped??
    lord smenger

  5. lord smegma

  6. that took you quite a while to think that one up.