Thursday, 9 December 2010

new bomb turks - destroy oh boy lp ohio 1992


hi there.
this is one powerful lp. cant really be described as punk or hardcore. they wanted to fall into that 'new rock and or roll' bracket, so lets stick them there for time pleasing. of all the records that came out in that time period after nirvana, the time 'they' call the 'new punk explosion' or what fannies amoung us call 'grunge'. this is in there with the top five releases of that wedge of time. now child, dont be thinkin this here stuff is grunge, if so, move on. 'the mummies', 'the devil dogs', mudhoney', 'the queers' and, here you have them, 'the new bomb turks'. id have added 'the lazy cow girls' to that bunch, but as you all know by now, they were from an earlier time period. shouldnt really add the queers because of that fact as well, but im gonna do it anyway. no-one had ever heard of them before 1989, i always says, anyways.....the bold turks. blistering fast or slow as sludge punk rocknroll. the way we all love it. sing along shite with obnoxious lyrics and a great sound. tight as yir first love but as agile and full of knowledge as that older brood you see from time to time. mind seein them a many moon ago in 'studion' here in stockholm, me and my small china were on tip top fashion. myself having a bottle of the local cheap wine down one sleave and a bottle of some form of champers down the other. we got in, smoked the friend and sipped from our bottles as we enjoyed an evening of debautchery. not a word from any bouncer. remember talking to the singer as he tried to cosy up to some local bint, all i remember was him leaving sharpish after he tossed some kinda threat at me. this besides. what a record and what a sound. thousands have copied and failed in trying to do this justice, but no-one ever has. that solely goes to show how great and influencial this lp was, and still is in my opinion. the cheese that comes with the biscuits.
uncle fester
yir maws hoose

new bomb turks - music and pics

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  1. Any chance of a re-upload? Thanks.