Wednesday, 8 December 2010

anti nowhere league - we are the league lp turnbridge wells 1982

right here we go, a total cracker. the leagues first lp and the only one worth listening to in my opinion. some pure classics here on this, especially 'streets of london' 'snowman' and 'we will not remember you'. 'we will not....' is pure and utter total class. probably one of the best songs to come out of the british punk scene in the 1980s. ''hes a fucked up man with a fucked up life. dirty kids and an ugly wife. standard clothes and standard car. exceptable thats what you are...'' total class i say. heard a story about them many many years from i cant remember who. anyway, they were doing a fanzine at the time and they had written to 'animal', the lead singer, and he responded with his answers on toilet paper that he had actually wiped his arse with. as i said before, total class. another funny thing, well for me anyway, that is completely irrelevant. the football team i support in scotland, airdrie. the fans sing a song to the tune of 'streets of london'. the words go ''so now can you tell me your lonely and say to me that the sun dont shine. well, let me take you by the hand and lead you thru the streets of airdrie, and ill show you something, that will jump on your fucking head.'' we are total class as well. think ill now go and take myself on a 'dirty binge'. easy..!

anti nowhere league - music and pics

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