Wednesday, 11 August 2010

the meteors - meteor madness 7 inch london 1981

when i was a teenager it was the meteors. was obsessed by them. there wasnt much else but them and my local football team. to this day theyre still my favourite band. if i dont listen to their first 6 singles or first 4 or 5 lps for a long enough time i still think theyre as good as the first time i ever heard them. this single here could be released today and it would still sound as fresh. personally, i dont think anyone, anywhere, ever has sounded as good as this or even come close. their image and reputation were perfect for youth in small boring scottish towns who travelled to other small boring scottish towns in support of their team. their shows could be pretty mad as well which kinda added to the mystique about them. it didnt feel like the safest environment when your 15, but it felt magic. in later life ive been back to see them and i wasnt the slightest scared at all and found most people there to be slapable dicks. not the band and their followers though. pheew.

the meteors - single, sleeves and pics


  1. Can't go wrong with this one. Classic. Strange film as well.

  2. great scene when they do maniac rockers from hell.

  3. Yeah I agree with all that...except put a shitty English town in there (Halifax!)

    There was a few years in the early-mid 80s when NOTHING KICKED ASS - ANYWHERE, and they filled it. I read years later that Ian Brown and Mani used to be into em through the scooters...I think that explains the psychobilly elements of the Stone Roses.

    I saw em in a club in Leeds when I was 15 or summat, Wreckin Crew tour and the fans did scare the shit out of me too! nice one.