Sunday, 1 August 2010

the numbers - sunset strip 7 inch australia 1978

first wee trip to the land of pissheads and shite talkers. no not ireland, but australia. equally as bad i know, dancer of a 7 inch by a band who changed their name from the riptides and released the exactly same single twice. two names two diffrent covers. a bird in the hand and a fiver in your pocket. three great wee pop songs with the two songs on the flipside the winners. free kick, goal, in the house, bingo..!!! or as the oz-mongs say wallabrawonga.
right, here we have a wee update here. were still staying at the land of pissheads and shite talkers and it still aint ireland.
just wanted to update what was a kinda forgotten post on this here web page. right, you can now download this sucker on media fire. so as you alllll should know by now its a helluva lot easier to download and just more easier to handle. ive uploaded the covers i have from the repress i have. dont have the original version as i aint no millionaire, as previously stated. on top of that ive included a coupla pictues of 'the riptides' version of this here wax adventure ( same band but changed name and released the same record again for some reason for some reason for some reason ). just wanna add a few personal views as well. this here wax tune adventuraious is some bit of gear, by the way. quite possibly my favourite bit of aussie wax as it goes. the two tunes on the b-sideious are just.....just. popish rock and or roll punk pop aussie style at its fucking best. them aussies at this age sure knew how to krank up the punk boogie and add a bit of 'ooh la la' that a few bands wish they couldve clamped onto. they didnt, and thats how they fell away into 'rock' obscurity, wish more 'teen' or teen wannabe bands could shake their fuckin asses like this gang of cunts could. sometimes i wish i was australian just cause of this lot and the other bands i post on here. aye, right.!!! id rather chop my right hand off. scottish, tall, handsome and proud. aint no aids in my house. suckers..!!

the numbers - single, sleeves and pics

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