Tuesday, 24 August 2010

cyanide - your old man 7 inch york 1978

cyanide, who seem to be on nothing but major labels and had a lot of output and promotion, but never seemed to ever get in there with the punks. what was wrong? they look like a bunch of bell-ends if youve ever seen the ' mac the flash ' single. however their ' im a boy ' 7 inch and this one are feeking boistrous up beat punk rock. in the vein of early cock sparrer and menace. sing-a-long as you want wae a good tempo. what more do you want? these punk comp people sure are pricks. another goldie missed out on. im sure its a cover, but could be wrong. cracking wee dancer of a single none the less.
now updated to media fire with all the pictures and trimmings.

cyanide - single sleeves and pics

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