Friday, 6 August 2010

exploited - army life 7 inch edinburgh 1980

wattie and his bams first 7 inch. brillant sing-a-long-max aggresive punk with scottish accents. i know millions dont but i really like the exploited. i like the fact that they stole black flags food and beer, apparently when black flag supported them in glasgow they went in and took all black flags beer and food and told them theyd 'boot fuck out them' if they complained. because of that i like their silly violent attitude. they are real street punk punks and should be listened too by other street punk punks. on live lps they call everyone a 'wanker', especially tim yohannon and conflict. wattie really should have received a medal of honor and given the key to every scottish city. '' this wan goes oot tae tim yohannon, cause hes a fuckin wanker. this wans called wanker. '' great band.!
now updated to media fire and a wheen more pics and sleeves for yir likings. kram..xx

the exploited - single sleeves and pics

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