Wednesday, 11 August 2010

the lazy cowgirls - long goodbye 7 inch california 1989

the a-side on this wee gem is not what were lookin at here. its the b-side my chinas. two great covers, especially the up-tempo version of jerry lee's 'crazy arms'. its one of my favs from the 50s and to hear a punked up version is top class. great thinking. 'who are the mystery girls' is also a great cover. im sure im gonna post more of the cowgirls on here, but if i dont, check them out. as they are a great band with many releases. there first two lps are fucking splendid. shame the singers a bauldie bastard, which is a big no no. its not even that he is bauldie, its that he has an atempt at long hair going and has a total spam head. big let down. anyway close your eyes and listen while thinking of men with long hair or even short hair but very thick all over the head.
now upgraded to media fire with original sleeves etc etc

lazy cowgirls - single sleeves and pics

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