Friday, 6 August 2010

lime spiders - slave girl 7 inch australia 1985

wee mick blood and his adorable lime spiders. another trip down the gusset of vomit and covered up parental abuse, to australia. this single, both songs, has to be one of the my favourites of all time. slave girl itself, i think, is one of the best songs of all time. im pretty sure its a cover of some old 60s wallaper but it says here on that vinyl that mick himself wrote it, but i dont think thats the gods honest to be honest. should be played at any rock club every 12 minutes if rock clubs actually had any taste in music. they dont, so they play motley crue instead. boring shame really. rockers are wankers though and probably dont know who their dad is. so fuck them. enjoy.!!
ive stuck in an artical about the lime spiders from ''the next big thing'' fanzine issue 20 1985 plus an advert for au-go-go records from the same fanzine. the other four new scans are from maximum rocknroll #10 1983. the first three are an article by jello biafra on his bands tour of australia where he talks a lot about the australian scene. in which he mentions the lime spiders. the last is a review of a lime spiders single from the same magazine.
and again ive added more stuff including scans of the original covers and vinyl to this here forgotten classic. on top of that its now on media fire, so downloading is even easier. geez a job wee yin..!!

lime spiders - single sleeves articles and pics

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