Wednesday, 11 August 2010

crass - bloody revolutions 7 inch uk 1980

split 7 inch here but tae hang wae the other band. the meaning of this leacture is crass. this is them at their finest. im playing this now to get me riled up for tonights game. sweden - scotland. its working. friendly my arse. fucking brilliant (i spelt it right) uk anarcho punk in a way only crass could do. theatrical as a row of tents with a political message that i think is totally spot on. makes me proud to march about the house shouting this at the top of my voice. 'romanticise your heroes. quote from marx and mao, but their ideas of freedom  are just oppression now.' if only all their stuff sounded like this or in this vein. honestly i am as much annoyed by the sounds of wind blowing songs as you are.
now updated to media

crass - single sleeves and pics

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