Saturday, 1 October 2011

slaughter and the dogs - quick joey small 7 inch manchester 1978

this was originally done by concept band ' kasenetz katz singing orchestral cirkus ' or maybe better known as ' kasenetz-katz super cirkus '. famous for giving the world the urban delights of ' the 1910 fruitgum company ' and ' ohio express ', as well as this here thumper of a song. the original certainly has some qualities to it. a superb tune to be honest. the genius that was 'slaughter and the dogs' had again taken a 60s classic stomper tune (frankie vallies 'your ready now', which was posted last year, one of my first posts in fact) and turned it into aggro manchester punk mayhem. they knew their tunes these boys did, as they were very fond of a sneaky wee cover version or two. totally nothing against this if your gonna give it your own wee twist or extra charge of dynamite. imagine if it was against the law to do cover versions. the meteors and cramps wouldnt have existed and neither would the 50s and of the great things about this band is the 7 inchs they released and the sleeves are just down right dandy. gotta be some of the best sleeves from around this time. they all seem to be from the same photo shoot as well. even the european presses (the european presses are mad, they use the wrong covers and change the names and other such european nonsense like spelling mistakes, bad spelling mistakes). maybe not the uk press of 'where have all the bootboys gone', but im sure theyre all from the same day. in some football stadium. anyone know which one it is??. another punk and football connection....anyways.... totally dig slaughter and the dogs, so i do. just watched scotland losing to england in the rugby world cup there and playing this just washed it out ma mind. well, its only rugby anyways. fucking womans sport..!!..........''....he took some toughs and a pair of handcuffs and headed straighjt for mary-janes door..'' sounds like wee mary had better be on her toes....oot the windae hen..!! easy..!!

slaughter and the dogs - single sleeves and pics








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