Saturday, 12 November 2011

the misfits - night of the living dead 7 inch new jersey 1979

3rd misfits post and another pure cracker. i wont go on, but god how i loved this band many moons ago and still do i may add. their new stuffs awful but the old stuff is some of the best music ever. they were cheesy as fuck and copied everyone, but who really cares if the tunes are as good as this. top notch and proper bristol fashion.....''this aint no love-in, this aint no happening....this aint no feeling in my arm.'' damn shame, but... oooh yeah..!!

the misfits - single, sleeves and pics











  1. Great post, great band (untill '83)

  2. top notch as per...
    love the photos too

  3. thanks for the comments boys. ill try and keep them coming.....i promise..!!